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On February 2nd, 2013, Maggie Patterson and Betty Kyle met up for lunch to discuss the needs of both Interpreters and Deaf persons in the Deep East Texas region. They talked over how many businesses and agencies in the region do not know how to provide communication access for their deaf clients, how difficult it was find workshops within a reasonable distance, and how hard it was for agencies to find qualified interpreters when they were needed. From this meeting, Interpreting Training and Consulting Services was born. Our mission is three-fold: Provide quality interpreting for our clientele, provide quality training for interpreters and provide current and accurate information on communication access for businesses and agencies in the Deep East Texas region.

Maggie Patterson

Maggie Patterson began her interpreting career while working on her Bachelor’s Degree at Stephen F. Austin State University. She became a certifed interpreter in 2006. She began working as a classroom interpreter and from there branched out to medical and social services interpreting. Over the course of her career she has interpreted at home and abroad, and has interpreted for Presidents, Senators and Governors and TV Stars. She currently lives in Nacogdoches Texas with her husband, son, and three rotten cats.

Betty Kyle

Betty Kyle started interpreting while still in college more years ago than she would like to admit. Since first becoming certified in 1990, she has spent the majority of her interpreting career in educational settings ranging from preschool through post-graduate classes, medical settings and mental health settings. In addition, she has worked with numerous young interpreters preparing for initial testing, and has been instrumental in the development of a number of workshops on a variety of topics. She currently resides in Alto, Texas.

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